1. Legal grounding:
    • Decision No. 799/QD-BTP dated June 5, 2017 of the Ministry of Justice on the issuance of license to establish an Arbitration Center in Vietnam.
    • License No. 17/BTP/GP dated June 5, 2017 of the Minister of Justice.
    • Operation registration certificate number: 14/TP/DKHĐ-TT issued by the Department of Justice on June 30, 2017

  2. Legal status:
    • The Center is a non-governmental organization, has legal status, own seal and separate account, operates on its own financial autonomy in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law and the provisions of the Charter of the Center.

  3. Field of activities
  4. STAC resolves the following disputes:

    • Being a professional arbitration center for debt settlement disputes in the fields of finance, credit, banking;
    • Disputes between the parties arising from commercial activities;
    • Disputes arising between the parties in which at least one party has commercial activities;
    • Other disputes between the parties as provided for by law shall be resolved by arbitration.

  5. Objectives of Trade Arbitration Centre ‘s activities
    • Promoting the development of dispute resolution methods by arbitration in accordance with the law in a fair, convenient and fast manner.
    • Any change in the field of operation, the purpose of the Center shall be consistent with the provisions of Vietnamese law from time to time and must be approved in written form by the Ministry of Justice prior officially implemented.

  6. About The Co-founding Arbitrators
  7. The Co-founding Arbitrators are:

    • Enthusiastic and experienced in the field of dispute resolution by arbitration.
    • They are veteran, well known and reputable legal experts in Vietnam.
    • Holding high positions in the judicial branch, ensuring that Arbitral awards are effectively enforced in accordance with the provisions of law.